Friday, February 24, 2012

Bonnie & Clyde Inspired

Another adventure accomplished at the Sew Weekly. This weeks theme was "Oscar Nominated". Since Bonnie & Clyde is one of my favorite movies and also happened to be nominated and won several Oscar's, I said why not! I loved Faye Dunaway's attire in the film, and had always wanted something similar but also practical for modern day, wearing to work, church, what not. I chose a skirt. A pencil skirt instead of an A-line flare like the time period calls for. Then the hubs and I went to Jerry's Coffee shop, which is local here in Simi Valley, CA. A forgotten gem of a place. Took tons of pics. the owner rocked, our breakfast rocked, the check rocked! A completely satisfying photo shoot and meal. We took a lot of photos, I wanted to resemble Faye Dunaway as much as possible. I found the only sweater top I own, the only cap I own, and the only scarf soft enough that I own, put the whole ensemble together with my brand new self drafted pencil skirt and gave it my all!

I feel this was a pretty good attempt for what I had to work with.

Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie & Clyde, 1967

Hat: Melrose Ave $5, Scarf: Goodwill $1, Top: Forever 21 $12.50

Inside Jerry's Coffee Shop. Come by sometime, it's small, crowded, cheap, and delicious!

I will be posting a tutorial soon on how to make a 3 pattern piece pencil skirt. Super easy! Huge thanks to Jerry's Coffee Shop and my Husband! Babe, you did a great job with the photos!


Elisha(: said...

oooohh I love it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool Bethany!

Anonymous said...

Woops! -Janelle