Monday, January 30, 2012

Summer Camp Shorts

This weeks challenge for The Sew Weekly was "Down Under" where we had to sew an article of clothing for a season opposite to us. Since I live in Southern California, we have been having temps in the high 70′s. So the shorts may not be for a Winter season, but they worked for the nice warm day in late January. 

My legs aren’t exactly ready to be seen in public. Must do yoga and must get out in the sun more often. The funny thing is the pattern and fabric were cut 12 years ago, when my mom was going to make me shorts for Summer Camp. Sadly, the shorts never made it to camp with me since my mom only got as far as cutting the fabric. The pattern it came from belonged to my Mom when she was a teen, from 1962. So you can imagine there could be some missing pieces. Well, the only thing missing was the instructions and the pattern pieces to the front and back of the shorts. You can also imagine, that as I have never sewn pants or shorts before, that I went into freakout mode. I literally figured how to sew the front and back and the waist band together by guesstimation. That’s not the only issue I ran into. I had no idea which was the front or the back. They looked the same! So I made another guess as to where my button and button hole would be on my waist band. When I finished I had made my shorts backwards….Well I decided to wear them properly and just have the waistband be backwards. No biggie.

 I have a feeling the shorts are supossed to appear shorter on women with longer legs than mine own. This is pretty much the shortest I can get away with, modestly and age appropriately. I made the shirt too, about 2 years ago. I don’t ever wear it. I made it way too big and it was my first sewing machine project for myself. It also came from a vintage pattern that belonged to my Mom.

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Matt said...

This makes me want to watch Camp Nowhere or Wet Hot America Summer while eating smores and wearing shorts.