Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anthro Inspired

This Week on The Sew Weekly our challenge was to create a piece that was inspired by an accessory. I chose my Grandmother's Burgundy hat  and I decided to make that Anthropologie skirt I have been eye ballin' but colors of my choice.
Anthro skirt inspiration of look

Grandma's hat which inspired the color for my skirt

Chiffon and velvet isn't super easy to work with, but I managed. French seams are helpful when you don't own a serger. 

This is the pattern I used. I lengthened the skirt and widened the waistband and added my own bow. Super easy.

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Sew Country Chick said...

Very cute and boho chic!

StephC said...

That looks great, love it.

Alice said...

Simply chic!! You look gorgeous with this outfit!

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that lady said...

LOVE it! the bow looks soooo perfect

Anonymous said...

I think you look darling, love it all :)