Friday, December 2, 2011

Refashioned Christmas Present: Baby Doll Crib

I found this Shabby Chic looking doll bed at our local Goodwill for $4. I instantly knew I had to get it for M.E. for Christmas. She loves playing "mommy" to her baby doll. It is just too cute watching her pretend to act like me. Well, this doll bed is in great shape except for the nasty stains on the actual bed pad. See below.

It looks like a cat pee'd in it! Gross!

So I headed through my stash of random scrap fabrics. I thought of mixing 2 different prints together. I made a whole new pad with batting for baby doll's comfort. I also made a quilt out of a different printed fabric bordered at the head with the same fabric I used for the pad. The blanket is also filled with quilt batting. 

So do you think M.E. will like her Christmas present?