Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Mermaid Stocking Tutorial

It just so happens that my daughter is completely and utterly obsessed with The Little Mermaid. She became so in love when she rode the Little Mermaid ride when it first opened at Disneyland. So what happened next? Grammy bought her an Ariel doll and soundtrack. Auntie gave her Ariel pajamas. And Mommy and Daddy finally gave in and bought her the Disney movie. Nothing is more exciting to my child than "Lil' Mermaid". So if your daughter is just as obsessed as my daughter for the red haired Disney Princess, then this tutorial is for you. You know what to do.

First you will need:
2 green t-shirts($ Tree)
1 lavender pair of toddler shorts ($ Tree)
Quilt batting
2 yards green sequin strand
1 yard shiny opalescent sequin strand
1 yard lavender glittery tulle(Tinkerbell collection trim)
1 Ariel iron on patch
thread (lavender and green)

First take your two t-shirts and trace out a traditional stocking shape, but instead of a foot shape, a fin. Do the same to the quilt batting. You should have 4 pieces of the green and 2 of the batting.

Pin 1 right side of green to 1 batting to 1 wrong side of green. Repeat with your other 2 greens and batting. You should now have 2 separate layers of 3 pieces. I hope this is making sense. Pretty much, wrong sides of the green fabrics should be facing the batting. 

Stitch along pins.

It should look like this. Both of them.

Now for the fun part. Take your dress makers marker and draw fin lines. Or my adaptation of fins.

Stitch on a 3, along your lines.

Now for the most fun part. Hand sew the strand of green sequins along the inside of your stitched lines, much like I did. Or do whatever you think will look best.

Now for a tricky part...Face your right sides of the stocking together and sew your heart out all the way around except for the top of course. When you do get to the top part, you will want to fold your fabric of one side inward. Stitch together. So the same to the other side of the stocking. Now that your stocking is sewed together, you will want to turn it right side out, and stitch more fun green sequins along the outside of your fins.

Get out that awesome Ariel patch of yours and follow the ironing directions. Place on desired space of the stocking and iron! I chose the heel of the stocking.

Now for the clam shells. Take purple shorts...

Fold in half and draw a sort of egg shape.

You should have 4 pieces of the purple. Lay 2 pieces wrong side up. Place half domes of batting on top of the wrong sides.

Then lay your other 2 pieces wrong side down on top of batting.

Pin and sew all the way around folding the fabric edge in.

 Then stick a straight pin at the at the narrowed edge of the clam shells.

Stitch on a 4 along the pin. Pull the bobbin thread for a gathered look.

Get that marker out again and draw super cute lines to give the appearance of a clam shell.

Stitch along those super cute drawn lines, then cover it up with your opalescent sequin strand like so.

 Time for the finishing touches. Attach your clam shells like so. Add fun purple tulle to top of your stocking as trim. Also, you could take the extra green sequins and place them strategically throughout the stocking as scales. Use fabric glue to attach them to the stocking.

I used the neck collar for the stocking loop.
 And it is a finished piece ready for Santa to drop goodies in.