Friday, November 18, 2011

Re-Fashion Month #2: Adding Cap Sleeves

I bought this vintage dress about ten years ago. I loved this dress so much, I practically wore it all the time. Then after my husband I got married I didn't wear it as often because I always had to cover it up with a cardi. As much as I love cardi's, I wanted the freedom to be able to remove it once I got warm. Recently I noticed this dress had a 4 inch hem on it. I thought to myself, I can totally make mini caps out of this additional hem fabric.

Learn how to make cap sleeves from the hem of your dress. Click "read more"

This is the hem of my dress. I had to seam rip it.

The hem unfolded on the right side of fabric after it has been seam ripped.

Cut the extra hem off.

Trace half circles big enough for your arms to fit through. Best way to judge that is by measuring a sleeve you are trying to imitate, on a garment you already own. Cut your half circles out.

Turn dress inside out

Pin your caps from the inside, the rounded part gets pinned to the arm hole of your dress. The you will want to sew your caps on. Fold over the hem of your sleeve and sew.

Then re-hem your dress.

Sew the hem with a 2 or 3 length

After photo! Yay! No cardi on this hot Autumn day.


Adria said...

I love it!! Awesome dress too, BTW :o)

quietvintagesewing said...

What a great dress, and a great innovative tip for giving the dress a second life!

Sew Country Chick said...

What a cute dresscand I love cap sleeves too. Can you post it on Saturday at my sewing linky? Happy Thanksgiving!
Justine @ Sew Country Chick