Monday, November 7, 2011

Re-Fashion Month #1

Hey Fashionistas! November is re-fashion month. This is the month to hail all your re-fashionista talents. Why is November "Re-Fashion Month"? 1. Money goes to Christmas not clothes for yourself. 2. With all the holidays, no time to make an entirely new outfit from scratch. 3. There is always unused clothes from last Winter, in your closet that need some spicing up. Enough said. Let's get started. I had a sailor looking dress that I bought at Forever 21 last Spring for $7. It ended up being too short, so i always had to wear it with leggings. It was the only way it looked good. I kept it around hoping to wear it to the beach - but we never got around to going to the beach. I thought it would make a nice top. One I could wear to work or casually at home/out and about.

Red pin marks the bottom of the pocket. Yellow pin marks where to cut.

Cut all the way around.

Turn inside out.

Roll up the hem and pin in place. Sew!

After! A brand new shirt.


MaryAnn said...


the Roberts said...

just saw this on Fb and smiled cause we are on the same wavelength. My client gave me some killer tops (she calls them dresses, but in my mormon world, that wouldn't work) So I thought I can wear them with leggings or turn them into shirts, and i pretty much did what you did in your post!

Penny and Sierra said...

The shirt is so cute, I like it better than the dress!