Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modest Pin Up

I had quite a challenge this week. As part of Sew Weekly, the members had to make a pin up outfit. Now, if it weren't November I would say "easy peasy"! But, it's cold and it's been raining. So the challenge for me was to make an pinup style outfit that is modest for the weather and modest enough to wear out and about, since I didn't plan on going to the beach anytime soon. Like in the next 6 months. I googled "pinup" some photos were of gals who were modestly dressed, but in suggestive poses, and others were a bit racey. I had to think hard about what I represent and what I stand for. On one hand, yeah I don't mind wearing a sexy outfit and posing suggestively for photos - as long as my husband were the only one to see. On the other hand I am representing myself, a young religious mother who has a very public blog. So how do I do this tastefully? Find out for yourself how I did.

This is a blouse and skirt set. The blouse is my own design and the high waisted pleated skirt comes from a Project Runway Simplicity pattern. 

As you can tell, I don't pose "pin up" very well. It's not my style no matter how badly I want it to be. I felt these photos were more playful rather than suggestive to my audience. My husband worked on the photo coloring in photoshop. Look out for a tutorial on his blog soon:

What do you think?


Along Abbey Road said...

Modest pin-up! I love everything about it! Looks fab :)

Along Abbey Road

Mikayla Low said...

Loooooooove it! <3

MaryAnn said...

It is super cute!!! Liked how you could use the skirt as a separate!

Sherri said...

Great job! I think it's very vintage and fun! You pulled it off well while still being classy and modest! Way to represent :)