Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween: Toddler Costume

For my daughter, I made her a Foofa costume from Yo Gabba Gabba. She loves watching this show. It's a bit on the strangely entertaining side, but it is clean and fun and satisfies M.E. Thats the most important.
I used a Simplicity pumpkin costume, and after making this I realized I could have done it better myself a different way. Oh well, we learn right? Anyways, she made such a super cute Foofa.

M.E. had this "trick r treating" thing down! She knew to go to the door, knock, and hold her bag out or grab a candy. Fast learner I must say. Here she is about to get a giant Snickers with Uncle Richard.

Foofa with Uncle Richard again.

Approaching another door for more candy.

M.E. and Mommy!

When we got home, M.E. wanted to wear Nanny Linda' fairy wings and her baby sunglasses. Such a girl!