Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sharing Time: Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again! To be someone you aren't for one day out of the whole year. Take full advantage of this day if you dare..... Some inspiration I received from this site called Pinterest, which I am still deciding if I like it or not. 

This is Keiko Lynn, whom we share a mutual friend. Her and her boyfriend are ALice and the White Rabbit. Check out her blog. She is amazingly talented.

Keiko Lynn again, with her boyfriend as Mary Poppins and Bert. I really want to do this!

Found this on Model Mayhem by 666 Photography

I am in love with all these costume ideas! Happy costume hunting!


Emily said...

LOVE the Mary Poppins one!!

MaryAnn said...

I vote Mary Poppins!

Daryl said...

The mary poppins look is soooo cute. Robert would totally pull of Bert.

Do this, or I'll do it first! Just darling.

Also, pinterest is amazing, and super helpful for organizing inspiration and ideas. love that site! :)


Daryl said...

And you could dress M.E. up like one of the penguins! ha ha!