Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween!!! Trumpet Skirt Tutorial

This year I decided to be the Calaca. I have always wanted to do a Day of the Dead theme, but never really knew how to pull it off. I drafted the trumpet skirt myself, and made a gathered apron with a ruffle all the way around it. I wanted to give the skirt and apron a vintage look. Yes, my skirt has sugar skulls all over it! I love it. The apron is a black lace. My corset is from Charlotte Russe, $19.99. And the top is a peach colored t-shirt from Forever 21 for $3.21, I covered it in fake flowers from the 99 Cent Only Store, which came to a total $9.98. I made a couple of my hair fascinators from left over flowers. The earrings were a gift found on ebay. The pink boots are from Newport News $39.99. We took some these pictures in the local Catholic Cemetery, where the Nun's are buried. 

Step 1: Get about 2 yards or fabric or more. In an awesome fabric choice of course. 
Step 2: Fold a tight fitting skirt in half (if skirt is stretchy, then add an extra 2 inches when you trace)
Step 3: Trace your skirt on your yardage about as long as you need to go to your knee. Narrow your trace as it would approach knee length. Sew side seams together.
Step 4: Take remaining fabric, measure it from knee to feet, giving a 5/8 hem, and make it 60 to 72 inches long. 
Step 5: do a gathering stitch along the top part of your trumpet piece, then sew it together to the rest of the skirt.
Step 6: fold over top of fabric to be able to fit a 3/4 inch elastic through. Sew down and pull elastic through. Sew elastic in place.
Step 7: Hem bottom.

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