Friday, May 13, 2011

Exciting Upcoming Events

I am so excited! I can't keep it a secret any longer. I wanted to wait to tell you all until I had the tutorial done, but I am just so overly ecstatic! My birthday is next month, and I have an amazing brother who loves his almost twin sister(me)very much. He bid on special tickets to take me to see my favorite fashion and music icon...Gwen Stefani! I get to go to her Tea Party Children of Japan Fund! This is one of the most exciting events in my life to look forward to.
I was thinking of buying a dress for this event, but the hubs said it would be even radder if I made my own dress. I have already started drawing out my own pattern and working on a tutorial to share with all of you. I'm telling you this dress is super easy, and can be done in one day if I had no other responsibilities(ex: child, job, household duties) anyways it will be done soon, tutorial to follow, then the big day! If I get to meet Gwen, I'll post pics of that as well.

On a side note, I am also a bridesmaid for my dear and lovely friend Daryl over at                                     The Adventures of a Young Miss Soon to be Mrs. who is doing  a lot of her wedding DIY, and I am assisting in making some of our accessories, helping with the bridal shower, and making my daughter's flower girl dress. Posts coming this Summer. Needless to say, I am. Very very busy and will post as much as possible in a timely matter. I probably should add new items to the etsy shop as well.


Daryl said...

LOVE this post :) You are incredible my love.

Michelle said...

I'm so excited to see what you make for everything!