Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Apron Tutorial

I found this SUPER cute Valentine's Day fabric at JoAnn's in the Valley (everything is better in the Valley). There was only a yard and quarter left - I HAD to have it. So, I bought it (end of bolt discount!!!). Question was: what should I make out of it? I wanted a fun V-Day dress and matching hair bow for me and matching bow tie for the Hubs, but the original fabric I had dreamed about didn't exist. So I had this one to play with. Certainly not enough for a dress, bow, or bow tie - then what? I thought for awhile. I remembered I had made myself a Christmas apron, why not a V-Day apron? Yes, I just may become the crazy holiday apron lady. This time, instead of using a pattern, I had my own in mind. Coming along for the ride? Click "read more"

What you will need:
Cute VD fabric about 1 yard
paper for your pattern
4 yards of trim (I used lace)
2 yards of ribbon (I used grosgrain)

First: make your heart pattern, cut it out, pin it to your folded fabric, and cut.

Second: cut your waistband 4in X 22 in, cut your skirt 19in X 22 in - rounding the corners at the bottom of 
the skirt.

We are going to tackle the heart bib first. Turn it upside down, wrong side facing up. Pin on your trim all the way around your heart. 

Then sew your trim onto your heart bib - all the way around. I used red thread so it could be seen on the front.

Next, let's tackle the skirt. Pin your trim on the skirt starting from one side, to the bottom, and up the other side, leaving the top bare. In the top middle of the skirt, create a pleat. I pinched it slightly, creating two small folds on the wrong side of your fabric. I pinned them down like so.

Moving on to the waistband: Fold down 1/2 an inch of fabric all the way around. Iron the folds flat to your fabric. 

Next, fold your waistband in half, hot dog style (length wise). Iron that flat as well.

Attaching the waistband to your skirt: Place your skirt in between the folded waistband, pin down. Sew the waistband to your skirt.

Attaching your heart bib to your skirt: Take the point of the bottom of your heart bib and center it on your waistband right above the pleat. Now, you can choose to tack it down or sew over the existing stitches on your heart bib, right where it lays on top of your waistband.

Time for the ribbon ties! I got 2 yards for safe measure. You can use as much as you are comfortable with. We are going to use the ribbon for a neck tie and waist tie.

Take the length you need for your neck ties and cut in half. Sew one end of each ribbon to the tip of the heart bib.

Take the rest of what you need for your waist tie, cut in half, and sew one end of each inside the waistband.

Once that is done, your Valentines Day Apron is finished! 

Now get in the kitchen and whip up a nice Valentines Breakfast for the hubs! Just kidding! I'll probably make breakfast since I am hoping for a romantic dinner.

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tessa marie said...

Oh my heavens! SOOO cute! I LOVE this fabric and ESPECIALLY your pattern! I'm SO gonna make one! I may make a matching one for willow (that she'll wear in a year or 2) too! LOVE you. miss you!