Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Pleated Dress - The Lemonade Dress

I had a yellow shirt that I just loved, but it fit awkwardly and big. I just couldn't fill it out right. I wanted to do something with it besides taking it in. I happened upon this tutorial at Make it-Love it of how to turn a shirt into a dress. And what a cute little girls dress it was.

But of course I am not a little girl. So I had to figure out how to "woman -ify" this cute pleated dress. I continued to search and happened upon Grosgrain and found Kathleen's pleated dress for a woman.
You can purchase this dress at Shabby Apple

So now I had two inspirations from two amazing women who sew beautiful creations. I can do this! It took me 2 months, but I accomplished it. It's a little big in the waist. I shrunk a couple inches in the waist from when I started this dress up to it's completion. I haven't decided if I am just going to alter the dress smaller or try to put the inches back on. 

I am pretty proud of myself. This is the first dress I had ever done with out a pattern and it surely was not easy. I now know how to do it again, and better than the first.

Credit goes to Ashley at Make it - Love it and Kathleen at Grosgrain


Christina said...

It's adorable. I like it better then both of the other dresses. SOOO cute!

Elite Dresses said...

Oh how cute....she looks lovely beautiful dresses Thank you for all the great posts !!!
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Brit said...

Bethany, it's gorgeous! I love it so much and it looks perfect on you.

The Olsens said...

Cute Cute Cute! Love it! Very clever.

tessa marie said...

holy cow bethany with each and every one of your creations I am more and more impressed and more and more jealous! I LOVE this. YOU look awesome. Your hair, your cute little figure in this dress! SO flattering! I miss you and I'm SO glad you posted this becuase I have a shirt I LOVE that pre baby and prebaby daddy I was skinny and though it was wide it looked cute and loose with jeans but now its just boxy and short. Annoying how much my whole body is changed. But this is the PERFECT solution!

Ashley said...

Oh my word......I LOVE how that turned out! I didn't know it would turn out so cute adult-size. Darling. Thanks for the link to check it out! :)


Katri said...

that is beautiful!!! the pleats are awesome. the grey/yellow combo is awesome! seriously great job!

The Marleys said...

You are so talented! This turned out adorable.