Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1964 Vintage Tunic Blouse - McCall's 7212

A long time ago I found this pattern rummaging through my Grandma's belongings after she had passed. She had so many patterns, so you will be seeing a lot of them as I sew may way through the past.

When I came across this pattern I instantly fell in love with all the possibilities I could create. For my first attempt, I created pattern A - the 3/4 sleeved blouse with the tie belt. Except, I decided not to make the tie belt.
I love this blouse. I seriously want to wear it all the time.

Close up
sleeve shot
I feel like Jackie Onassis without the big sunglasses. I rhymed.


Wendy said...

Very nice blouse! Looks very comfortable.

Shannon said...

Very nice blouse! I bought this pattern on etsy and am also planning on making view A-- did you include a zipper, or do you think it's possible to just slip it over your head?

Lil' Bit and Nan said...

Shannon, I love this pattern. I am making more blouses and thinking about making a dress from it. I really don't think a zipper is needed, especially if you use fabric that gives a bit.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the advice! I made this blouse (without a back closure) and love it. The quilting cotton I used is a bit stiff (hopefully will soften more in the wash), so I'll make it with a fabric with more drape next time, but I still love wearing it. I'll post a link to a photo of it once I get one loaded on my computer.