Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Idea #4: Reversible Bow Tie

Another gift idea for a dude. You can make this for an adult or a child. I got the original idea from
Prudent Baby, but decided to make mine reversible. The idea is that it could be worn with more than just one outfit. I made one for the Hubs a while back for his sister's wedding. One side was ceremony appropriate and the other side was more fun, for the reception.

I have received requests for a tutorial on this awesome reversible bow tie, so here it goes. The one I am working on during the tutorial is for an infant, that he can grow into. Depending on the age or size of guy you are doing this for, you may have to play around with the measurements. But this size works well on an adult as well. Click "read more"

You will need 2 types of fabric, either contrasting colors or complimentary. The Grandmother of the infant this bow is for, has requested practical colors, one side black and the other a blue plaid. Sounds good to me, boys wear a lot of blue!

Bow: two pieces of fabric measuring 3 1/2 x 9 1/2

Center: one piece of fabric measuring 2 1/2  X 3 1/2

Strap: one piece of fabric measuring 4 inches longer than the actual neck measurements and 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide.

You will also need fusible lining. Make sure it's measurements are half an inch smaller than your fabric. Add it to one of your pieces of fabric to the wrong side. Follow the directions on the packaging.

Then pin the right sides together of both your fabrics.

Sew both long ends and one short end together.

Cut the corners of the closed short end.

Pull the piece right side out. Making sure you have the corners poking out all the way.

Then iron your piece flat together. Be sure to fold the raw edges in on the side thats not sewn shut.

Fold it in half and pin. You can fold any side in half you please.

Sew along your pin lines.

Have the seam line up in the middle in the back. Here is the solid side.

and here is the printed side.

Now for the middle piece. You have the measurements from above. Fold this piece in half lengthwise, and sew together. Then fold in half, sew ends together, iron down and turn right side out. I'm sorry, I got so involved with making this I forgot to take pictures. If what I described is confusing you can always follow Prudent Baby's.

Fold the bow accordion style, making it nice and neat. Insert into the center piece.

Now it's time for the strap. Fold your strap piece length wise right sides facing and sew together.

Take a safety pin and pin it in the corner at one end of your strap. Pull the safety pin through the middle of your strap until it is right side out. Iron flat with the seam in the center.

Fold the ends in, sewing the raw edges inwards. Take your Velcro and sew the longer piece on the inside of the strap where there is a seam line. Sew the shorter Velcro piece to the outside of the other end of the strap.

Pull the strap through the center piece on your bow. Now you have an easy peasy reversible bow tie!

Shout out to Prudent Baby for the awesome tutorial. It is late, and I'm tired. I'm calling it a night.

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