Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Embellish a Knit: Week 4 + Tutorial

I'm still on this embellishing boat! And this week is a fun one. I found this cardigan at Goodwill for $2. I'ts a sweater by Halogen, a brand carried at Nordstroms. Well, it was way too big on me even though it's a size small. So I will also be giving you some techniques on making a cardigan fit you as well as the embellishment.

I put the sweater on inside out and pinned where I needed to take it in, from the shoulders, to the arm, and the sides of the bodice. Not taking in too much at the bodice.

I then sewed along my pins, removing them as I go.

Your seams should now look like this.

Now for the embellishing part. I found some leftover ric rak I had and pinned it on the inside along the neckline and down the side with buttons.

I had to hand sew this on. You don't have to.

Next I created vertical pleats on the waistline, pinning them as long as I want and as far a part I wanted. Do this on both sides. I did this to bring it in to fit better but to also flatter my figure.

I then sewed along my pins, removing them as I go.

All done!


I added a ribbon bow and ric rak to the neckline for a fun embellishment.


Rickie said...

Beautiful transition're turning into a sewing wizard, girl!!!!

tessa marie said...

seriously! each one gets better and better! I'm obsesed with this one. I am FOR sure going to copy you. where'd you get that adorable skirt too?

Lil' Bit and Nan said...

I got the skirt at Target last year. I got the idea of this sweater from one I saw at Anthro. Please copy me, I will feel cool if you do.