Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Embellish a Knit Month

Kathleen, who runs Grosgrain, is hosting an embellish a knit each day for the month of November. I find it to be a fabulous idea. We all have things in our wardrobe we tend to keep but hate wearing. So, let's dazzle them up for the holiday season. Turn something old into something new. I have a blue short cardigan, that I purchased for $5 on sale a couple years ago. I don't like wearing it all that much, but I want to keep it around because it works with many of my clothing.

I went through the stash of vintage embellishments, I bought from a garage sale over the Summer, to what I could toy around with. This is where your help is needed. I came up with four ideas to embellish my sweater, and I want to know which one you like best.





Tell me what you think, I'll take your opinions into consideration, and surprise you with the end result!


Missy said...

The second and third one are a tie for me. Sooo cute!

Robert Pearson said...

I say the second one

Rickie said...

Number 2 is my fav--so many pretty colors! Whatever you do will be picture perfect! Model when you finish!!!

The Olsens said...

I know I am WAY late with my comments but better late than never! Anyway...Im with everyone else. Love #2!