Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Embellish a Knit Month: Week 2

I'm still on the Embellish a Knit Month train. Kathleen, from Grosgrain, is doing a knit a day; I am only doing a knit a week. This sweater I have had for some time. I only wear it when I am cold and not caring so much about how fashionable I look. I knew it needed an upgrade. I started this sweater Monday night, and a smack of designers block hit me. The hubs told me to sleep on it and get back to it in the morning. Well, Tuesday morning came and I decided to check up on Grosgrain for some ideas on what to do with my sweater. Kathleen had an amazing embellished knit already posted with a tutorial attached. It was exactly what I wanted to do - so I got started right away!

Sweater Before

I cut up the middle front of the sweater and I cut the bottom band off and sewed it along the waistline. I added 3 1/2 inch width of fabric down the bodice and some bias tape as a trim on the outsides of the fabric. It became a lovely "house cardigan" that I am actually wearing today. I am super cold right now.

Sweater After

A huge thanks to Kathleen for the wonderful design idea for my upgraded knit! Everyone needs to check out her blog to get great re-fashioning ideas. Sometimes we keep clothes around that we don't wear anymore, and instead of going out and spending more money on new clothes, just upgrade some old ones.

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Daryl said...

your coolness blows me away.