Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tutorial: How to make a birdcage veil

I currently finished up a bridal veil for a client. Last minute she asked if I could make a black veil for her bachelorette party. I decided since I was working with black tulle, I could easily do a tutorial with it as a Halloween post. Come along on the ride to find out how you can make a birdcage veil. Click "read more"

First you want to start with:
                                          Paper, to make your pattern
                                          Measuring tape or Ruler
                                          1/2 yard of Tulle, any color your heart desires
                                          Thread, same color as tulle
                                          Hair Comb
                                          Ribbon, same color as tulle

First, let's draw our pattern. Pay no attention to my drawing below, just concentrate on the numbers.
I went for a 16 in long and 16 in wide veil. You can make your veil any size you want.

After drawing up you veil, making sure you have it proportioned, you will want to cut along the slanted lines marked 6 in.

Once you have done this, it is time to iron your tulle. Place your iron on the synthetic setting, no steam.

Place your newly cut pattern, that you get to use over and over again, onto the tulle; preferably in the corner so you don't waste it. Pin the pattern to your tulle.

Now you can cut it out!

For the comb, that will be going in your hair, you will need ribbon that is the same color as the tulle. I got my stash of combs at Michael's and JoAnn's. You will want to wrap the ribbon around the top of the comb through the teeth, like so:

When you have wrapped it securely and to your liking, use this amazing sidekick called "Fabric Glue" or "No Sew Glue" by Aleen's. I love this stuff. Glue the end of the ribbon flat on the top of the comb so it doesn't all unravel. 

While the glue is drying, let's sew up some tulle, shall we? Take your double threaded needle and start a gathering hand stitch at Point A in the diagram, follow it to Point B, then to Point C, and completing it at Point D. Enlarge the picture if you have to.

Now after doing the running man, I mean a running stitch, pull the thread so the tulle you just stitched threw, gathers up.

You now have gathered tulle!!! Yay!!! Just kidding. Now that your tulle is, in fact, gathered, we can attach it to your comb. Take that double threaded needle again and hand sew the gathered end of your veil to the ribbon on your comb. Sew it on real good, nice and sturdy!

You are done with the easy part! Now it comes to embellishing the veil however you want. For this bachelorette party veil, I make a little rosette out of gray tulle and sewed 3 little hot pink beads in the middle of the rosette. I sewed the completed rosette to the gathered part of the veil. 

For the veil I just did the tutorial on, I think I will fancy it up for Halloween. Maybe orange and black feathers and a skull bead in the center.

Have fun making your veil!

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