Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tutorial: How to Lengthen a Dress Using a Trimming

Remember my little green number? Well I will now take you on the journey of fashionably lengthening a dress with the little green one. Click "read more" to see what I did.

The bottom of this dress measured out to 86 inches, so I purchased a white eyelet 4 inch ruffle measuring 90 inches long, to give me some seam allowance.

I then pinned and sewed the ends together, right sides facing.

On the bottom, inside of this dress was a white lining all the way around the inside hem. I pinned the top of the ruffle along the top of the lining, right side of ruffle facing lining.

I sewed on the top part of the ruffle along the lining only, making sure the stitches didn't go all the way through to outside of the dress.

I decided half way through this tutorial, to surprise you. When I was done lengthening the skirt part, I felt the dress still needed a little extra. So I found some left over trimmings and my iron on transfer strips. Here we go for a tutorial within a tutorial. 

First I measured how much of the trimming I would need for the breast pocket and for the center blouse placket, and then cut off strips of my iron on transfers that measured the same length.

I pinned the transfer strip to my trimming at the ends. 

Then following the directions of the iron on transfer package. I faced the textured side down onto the wrong side of my trimming, then held the iron on it for 5 seconds.

After the ironed strip cooled, I peeled back the smooth paper and placed it on to the side of one placket.

I pinned the trimming as close to the plackets stitches as possible, then held the iron on it for 10 seconds.

I repeated these steps for the other areas of the dress that I wanted my trimmings on.

And this is the entire finished project. A plain, short $4 dress from Goodwill turned into a fun and bit longer dress, to wear out and about!


Jennie said...

I am seriously so proud of you. You are so talented. The dress looks so much cuter!

lynnette duncan said...

very cute! two crafty thumbs up :)