Friday, October 15, 2010

Prudent Advice Book Signing Excitement!

I am a huge super fan of the Prudent Baby site and I often read the Prudent Advice blog by Jaime Morrison Curtis, who is a founder of Prudent Baby. So when I read that her book was coming out AND she was doing a book tour, I had to jump on that boat!

The hubs and I don't have a lot of money. Our living situation is a bit awkward for 27 year olds like ourselves. But, the hubs knew how important this was to me to be able to meet Jaime, and buy a book and get it signed by her. So we made it one of our date nights, we drove out to Hollywood (45 mins away) and as soon as we walked into The Little Seed (owned by Soliel Moon Frye, AKA Punky Brewster) and I saw Jaime, I beamed!
She is more beautiful in person! So genuine and kind. She signed my book, we took a picture, we chatted, she remembered me from my emails. I was in my own little heaven.

A little bit back, I entered a video for her Prudent Advice video. Of course I did the advice on dogs (I am a certified dog trainer on the side). Anyways, for entering a video, Jaime would send a 1/4 yard of fabric. When I received mine, I knew I had to make it into something and wear it to the book signing. I decided to make a shirt. I drew my own pattern and made it in 3 days. I even made my own bias tape using her bias tape tutorial. Jaime loved it, her mother loved it, her friends told me if I opened a store and sold shirts like it, they would buy it. I felt so uplifted, what awesome people to say such awesomely nice things to me!
Jaime Morrison Curtis and Bethany Pearson. Prudent Advice book signing, The Little Seed Oct. 15 2010
I am wearing the shirt I made using the tulip fabric Jaime sent to me. Thank you Jaime! Tutorial to follow on how I made this shirt!

  The LOVELY note Jaime signed in my Prudent Advice copy.

 The goody bag I received for showing up and having a fabulous time!

And the awesome things that came in my goody bag!

Here are a few pieces of advice from the book that I find exceptional:

Prudent Advice #8 A dog is a loyal friend from whom you will learn the nature of love and devotion. 

    This is so true! I have learned so much from my dogs. Unconditional love, patience, and the art of relaxing.

Prudent Advice #75 Always RSVP - ...How wonderful it is to be invited! Be courteous and respond.

   I really hate it when no one RSVP's

Prudent Advice #493 Your Father is a standard by which all men will be measured

   I feel I married an exceptionally amazing man, that loves our daughter and loves me with all his heart. He is sincere and selfless. His heart is good and he wants to make good choices for our little family. I know our daughter will surely look up to him and compare every guy she dates to the good ways of her father.

A shout out to Jaime: Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing everything that is important to you with all of us. I am so grateful I got to meet you. You have no idea how much you have influenced my life.

These are a few of my own advice for my daughter, Mary-Elizabeth:

1. Respect others in order to receive respect back. It is very important to be respected in life, it means you have made good choices and people look to you for advice and they trust you.

2. Don't be afraid of success. You are good enough and you do deserve it.

3. Always have a pet. When you go looking for a pet of your own, always adopt from a shelter or rescue. These particular pets are the best and you will feel good about saving them.

Want to know how you could get a copy of Prudent Advice. AMAZON!!!! or go to

What is your advice for your offspring?


Dada said...

(this is Jaime's husband) Thanks so much for coming on Friday night! Jaime was so excited to meet you and I got a little weepy reading your post. I'm really proud of my wife and her Prudent Army.


Jaime said...

bethany thank you so much for coming to the party. your shirt is so awesome and i was so touched you were there!!

Jacinda said...

Hi Bethany! Thanks for the party report! I feel like I was there now. That gift bag looks awesome!

Brit said...

I'm so jealous right now. I'm going to have to live vicariously through this blog post.