Friday, September 24, 2010

Pill Box Hat Tutorial: Harvest

I have recently been inspired by none other than the Miss Jackie O'. I decided to make a pill box hat for fun, and because of how much I love hats. Through this first time adventure, I wanted to take you along with me.
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First you would need to make a pattern. I like using newspaper, because it folds well, and because I just haven't invested in pattern paper.

For the top of the hat, you would need to make a half circle pattern, 7 inches long and 3 inches in dimension. For the brim, you would make a long strip pattern, 10 1/2 inches long, 2 1/2 inches width on one end, and 3 inches width on the other end. When you place the pattern on your fabric of choice (I used flannel, I recommend a heavier fabric like wool, wool felt, ticking, etc.) be sure to fold your fabric along the 7 inches of the top and 3 inches of the brim.

After cutting out and unfolding, your fabric should look like this:

Pin the ends of your brim together, right sides facing. Then stitch them together using a straight stitch on medium length of your sewing machine.

Attach top of hat to the brim and pin together. Pointed part of the top should be equal with the back seam and front of brim.

And if you love using bias tape as much as I do, then you will measure your bias tape in two strips ten inches long. Attach the first strip of bias tape to the inside of your hat along the pin lines. You will want to set your sewing machine to a longer stitch for this one. Sew the bias tape to the inside of your hat starting from the back seam, until you make a circle back to it. Cut off excess bias tape.

Next, you will take your second strip of bias tape and pin it around the bottom of your brim, using it to hem your hat. Sew the bias tape on the same length setting on the inside of your hat. Cut excess bias tape.

After doing so, you are done. Turn your pill box hat right side out, and add any personal touches you feel appropriate. I chose to make a rosette out of my extra material and add orange tulle for a fun embellishment.

I call this one Harvest, because of all the pretty Fall colors!

Wear and enjoy your new Jackie O' Pillbox Hat!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
What an adorable hat, and your instructions are really clear. I'm going to make one myself, for a friend!

I'm really loving your blog!

The Olsens said...

Oh Bethany you clever girl you! Cute hat. I have never tried hats but this makes me want to!

Ashley said...

Adorable! I'm leaving for a fashion show with my job in OR tom and this will be the PERFECT addition to my outfit.

Tracylou said...

This looks soo easy to make, and very stylish, but, how do you get it to stay on your head, or should it just stay there..??

Deb Noneya said...

Good question