Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Ju Ju Calender Release Party

So I was in a charity calender as the 50 ft woman. In real life I am like 5 ft. Ironic. Anyways, The release party was this past weekend held at CIA in North Hollywood. A local charity called Good Ju Ju hosted it, and we had some awesome bands. My fave was The Ryan Bradley Affair. They were like Urban Cowboy Rock-a-billy sounding. I loved it. I was asked to dress a certain way, so I am wearing less than I normally do. I am pretty modest in my attire, but I am used to it when it comes to modeling and representing for others.

Me and Kasey. She always models my hair accessories.

Kasey, me, and my hubs, Robert, in front of the opening gates to CIA. Super crazy place.

This was The Ryan Bradley Affair. Good music. Check them out.

Sporting the "edge" with glow sticks.


We had fun. I got my free calender. When I get around to scanning in my Miss August photo, I will post it. But for now I will post the teaser photo.

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