Thursday, August 19, 2010

Plethora of Fabric Flowers

My dear friend wanted me to make her a fabric flower. Well, I decided to make her 4, and make them all different. She picked out the fabric and I went to work. I found many different tutorials on different types of fabric flowers and I also attached the link to each flower I made.
Click on "read more" for the whole shebang!

This Fabric Flower idea I got from Maize Hutton's blog, but made it my own by tweaking it a bit.

This one I got from Prudent Baby, and I added my own netting to it, to spice it up!

This idea I got from Wise Craft, but instead of a brooch, I made this one a hair clip.

Last but not least, I did this one on my own. I cut out my own templates, used pink, creme, and brown felt, the fabric of my friends choice and a cute pearled button. Sewed it all together and added a clip to the back.

I know she will love these new hair clips of hers.

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