Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tutorial: Re-Fashion a Tee Part II by Adding a Ruffle

I'm on a roll with re-fashioning my boring tees. I have this super cute fabric that I have been wanting to use for something fun. I have this boring black v-neck shirt I barely wear anymore. What can I do to use this awesome fabric and wear this shirt again?

I shall add a ruffle!

Let me take you on an adventure to adding a ruffle to your shirt. Let yourself get creative and bold. My ruffle only covers one side of the neckline. You can choose to cover the whole neckline or have the ruffle come from your should to your waist in one asymmetrical line.

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Step 1: Choose a boring shirt. Choose fabric that compliments your boring shirt and fits your personality. I cut my fabric to my desired length to ruffle up against the length of my half neckline. I basically doubled the length of the fabric.

Step 2: Fold over the edges and iron down. Then hand stitch only the corners to keep them in their place.

Step 3: Start from either shoulder and pin top of fabric in place. Start folding and overlapping the fabric in any funky way you want to create the ruffling process. Pin down each fold you make.

Step 4: Once you have your ruffle completely pinned to the shirt and you are satisfied the begin to stitch it to the now not-so-boring tee. I chose to hand stitch this one since I wasn't going to be using much thread, but you can use a sewing machine if you like.

Step 5: Put your new jazzed up shirt on and admire your good looks, charm, and creativity!

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