Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tutorial: How to re-fashion an old tee with iron on transfers!

I had a couple of tee's that I felt were old and boring, but didn't want to get rid of them because of how comfortable they are. So I decided with one of them I was going to cut out my own templates with some awesome coordinating fabric. And with the other, I found an old shirt I used to wear in high school that I got at Salvation Army in the little boys section. Let's just say, ten tears later the shirt is a bit snug and short. But how I do love the screen printed dinosaur on it. So I cut it out and decided to transfer it to another shirt that fits me much better.

To get the whole tutorial click after the jump.

First of all I found some pretty scrap fabric I had and some iron-on transfer paper. I drew my own templates on paper and cut the out. And I grabbed one of my shirts that needed to be re-fashioned.

Next I pinned my templates to the scrap fabric and cut those out. Then I pinned my scrap fabric pieces to the transfer sheet, and I cut those out. 

I ironed my scrap pieces to the transfer sheet, wrong side of the fabric facing the rough side of the sheet. Held it there for 2 seconds.

Then I peeled the back paper off my iron on transfer pieces and put them in place on my old tee. I held the iron down on them for 8 seconds.

For my other shirt that I re-fashioned, the pictures will tell you the story.

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