Monday, June 28, 2010

Mini Stuffed Animals

While I was pregnant, I went on this frenzy of wanting so badly to make stuffed animals for my darling little girl. I found scrap fabric, stuffing, felt, and whatever else I had lying around to create these adorable little animals. I drew my own patterns on paper, cut them out and pinned them to the fabric/felt and proceeded to cut again. I then sewed on the owls face and neck feathers, and the elephant's heart and button eye. Then I began to hand stitch along the outside of the elephant and the inside of the owl, leaving space to stuff. After stuffing these fellas, I stitched up the space. Lastly I stitched on wings to the owl. I got the ideas from Martha Stewart where she has two options for stuffed animals, one is from men's clothing and another from knitted felt. Prudent Baby also has their own version of making stuffed animals called softies.

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